Jail Tracker
2009 - 2012

Jail Tracker was a database management system built specifcally for managing jails. Subsequent to our initial investment, Jail Tracker was acquired by a larger company.

2010 - NOW

CMSText provides Mobile marketing along with Texting products and services to a broad customer base with a primary emphasis on the restaurant and hotel industries. CMSText products are tailored to your specific needs so as to implement marketing campaigns instantly.

2013 - NOW

Language B is a Kentucky-based online language education company.

Synapse Apps
2011 - 2013

Synapse Apps publishes mobile apps for the speech and language therapy community. This was a royalty based investment.

Mom's Med Minder
2014 - 2017

Mom's Med Minder is a web and mobile application to help families with young children manage their medications and medical history. This was an equity based investment.

Schedule It
2016 - NOW

An Elizabethtown company, Schedule It offers scheduling solutions for insurance companies, independent adjusters and adjusting firms.

2016 - NOW

Sunstrand processes biomaterials-natural fibers-for industrial and technical applications.

Mobile Serve
2017 - NOW

Mobile Serve offers a paperless way to track, verify and log volunteer service hours

iReport Source
2018 - NOW

I Report Source is a digital safety management and incident reporting platform and app.

2018 - NOW

Sum 180 is an online, personal financial planning tool.

2019 - NOW

Mobile Marketing Company

Lulla Feed
2019 - NOW

Innovative baby bottle device

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