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about us

We are a diverse group of central Kentucky citizens interested in angel investing for early stage development or start-up companies. Our membership list consists of large investors, small investors, bankers, insurance agents, automotive dealers, real estate professionals, farmers, small business owners, health care professionals, retirees, lawyers, housewives, business consultants, trustees and entrepreneurs.

From this diverse wealth of experiences we feel qualified to make reasonable risk investments with the intent of both increasing investor wealth and helping grow the Kentucky economy. We manage ourselves through a nine member Board of Directors. Once each month, we invite one or two startup companies seeking investments to help them grow. The meetings are open to the public.

Our meeting audience is composed of LTVG members, their guests, and anyone else who wants to attend. Typically, one or two companies will present their investment opportunity. We encourage audience questions following the presentations. If you are interested in presenting as a startup company, becoming an LTVG member, or would like to attend a meeting, please feel free to give us a call.



LTVG is a limited liability company. Members own one or more (no more than five) membership units. The units have identical powers, preferences, limitations and relative rights and shall have one vote per unit. Each unit shall be $10,000 of which $1,000 is paid by each member as an initial subscription. The remainder of $9,000 is callable, from time to time, in varying unit sizes and times. Our current structure recommends a $250 call per quarter.

We enourage anyone interested in becoming a member to contact us here.


Investments to Date

2009 - 2012
Jail Tracker

Jal Tracker was a database management system built specifcally for managing jails. Subsequent to our initial investment, Jail Tracker was acquired by a larger company.

2010 - now

CMSText provides Mobile marketing along with Texting products and services to a broad customer base with a primary emphasis on the restaurant and hotel industries. CMSText products are tailored to your specific needs so as to implement marketing campaigns instantly.

2013 - now

Language B is a Kentucky-based online language education company.

2011 - 2013
Synapse Apps

Synapse Apps publishes mobile apps for the speech and language therapy community. This was a royalty based investment.

2014 - now
Mom's Med Minder

Mom's Med Minder is a web and mobile application to help families with young children manage their medications and medical history. This was an equity based investment.


Presentations are arranged through the Elizabethtown Innovation Center. Typically, presentations are approximately 15 minutes in length with a subsequent Q & A period following. Unlike the well known "Shark Tank" television show, presentations are not critiqued during the presentation.

Our investment committee meets once each month. All previous presentations are considered for group investment at that time. If the committee decides to pursue an investment, a committee member will be assigned to conduct a due dilligence evaluation and subsequently make a recommendation regarding a group investment.

Please contact the Elizabethtown Innovation Center for information regarding presentations for your company.


Lincoln Trail Venture Group

If you are interested in presenting to our group, please contact Lisa Williams at either of the following:

Innovation Center Email

(270) 307-4214

If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact Jim Hatcher using the following link: